Our Story

My Beautiful Bottle's founder, Aimie Smith, simply wants to inspire others to nourish their bodies through fantastic nutrition, physical and mental health, self love and acceptance and passion and purpose.

As part of that journey, Aimie gently encouraged her clients to move away from using disposable, plastic bottles towards beautiful, reusable glass bottles. But she found that she could not find glass bottles which were both practical and inspiring.

So we decided to design our own bottles - The designs were inspired by Dr. Emoto and his research into the effects words can have on water, its energy and its molecular structure. When positive words were written on glass and the water inside was frozen, Dr. Emoto discovered that, when looking under a microscope, the molecular structures created were in the form of the most beautiful snowflakes. Whereas when negative words were written on the glass and the experiment was repeated, broken and distorted snowflakes formed. 

As our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, we want to make sure that every single cell in our bodies is looked after through positive energy, love and gratitude. And if this bottle helps you to create a little more positivity each and every day, you will hopefully find that this positively impacts on your health & happiness.

Your thoughts create your reality.


My Beautiful Bottles are sleek, portable & lightweight bottles with beautiful and colourful designs to fill its contents with loving, positive energy so that you, the drinker, are filled with positive energy, great hydration whenever you drink from your My Beautiful Bottle!

We believe that you should be the change you wish to see in the world and since Aimie was 5 years old, watching Comic Relief and seeing children starving, she's had a dream to help make the world a better place. 

When she had the idea to start My Beautiful Bottle, she knew this was how she could reach more people. So we are delighted to announce that £1 of each bottle will go directly to charity – a charity that ensure that the money donated is spent on things that directly help - and for 2016, we have chosen Gardens for Health International (GHI).


Keep a regular eye on our Charity and Blogs pages & our social media accounts for the latest updates and information!