The Bottles



 Most people agree that the feel of drinking from glass feels cleaner, fresher and smoother than other materials. When looking for the perfect bottle we wanted something that felt special and uplifting and we were really happy with these sleek bottles as the perfect glass bottle to slip into your handbag, car or simply carry with you throughput the day, your perfect hydration companion.

-Each bottle holds 550ml of water, juice or smoothie to nourish and hydrate you night and day

-Made from the best quality borosilicate glass

-BPA free and recyclable - The lids are made from BPA Free plastic and stainless steel and are also recyclable

-The mouthpiece is the perfect size to pour fresh juices, smoothies and water into and feels wonderful to drink from

-There are 4 different coloured lids, all complete with silicon ring, making them leak proof

-Each lid has a cute little lanyard to keep them even safer

-Our bottles are happy to hold warm fluids in the winter, just not boiling

-Every bottle has our signature logo on, infusing your bottle with love and beautiful vibes

Finally, the bottles and the lids are dishwasher safe but to avoid fading of the beautiful designs and their vibrant colours, we prefer to hand wash ours to keep them beautiful and fresh!

When tested the glue holding the lids together can loosen when washed at high heats in the dish washer. Off all the options the BPA Free lids we chose were the best. We trialed pure stainless steel and bamboo lids, both of which were not as functional and hard wearing as our beautiful lids.

If your lid does loosen, simply stick back together with a little super glue. Here at My Beautiful Bottle we want to live by and encourage the reduce, reuse, recycle approach to fix and reuse our possessions that we chose to spend our hard earned money on. In a world now with so much stuff we wanted to create something we can keep using day after day, year after year.