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Welcome to My Beautiful Bottle.

We want to help inspire you to make a real and lasting change for the better.

Our Beautiful Bottles have been designed to inspire you to hydrate & nourish your beautiful body with positive, uplifting thoughts, fresh water, natural juices and delicious smoothies so that you can feel healthier, happier, kinder towards yourself and others & more alive.


Inspired by the amazing Japanese Dr. Emoto's research on the effects of words on water, each bottle has beautiful inspiring designs and words to positively affect the molecular structure of the fluid within.

We created My Beautiful Bottle because we wanted reusable glass bottles with positive words and messages on them to positively effect the water we drank everyday. We had so many friends and family members want their own bottles that we created My Beautiful Bottle so that everyone can have a bottle as beautiful as them. 



We are also absolutely delighted to announce that for every My Beautiful Bottle purchased, we will donate £1 to the amazing charity, Gardens For Health International. For more details about our nominated charity and the incredible work they do in helping some of the most malnourished children on the planet, please go to our 'Charity' page.

Thank you.


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