Nourish with Aimie
Nourish with Aimie
Nourish with Aimie
Nourish with Aimie
Nourish with Aimie

Nourish with Aimie


Nourish with Aimie – A Guide to a Happier & Healthier You is all about introducing you to simple, fun and exciting ways to live a healthier and happier life through eating the right foods and giving your body the nourishment it deserves.

This book is for ANYONE who wants to feel better, get healthier and ultimately become happier in everyday life. With over 250 pages of healthy recipes and inspiring stories from friends and family who have benefitted from Aimie’s recipes and guidance, this book provides fun and easy-to-follow examples and suggestions to nourish the entire family with delicious, colourful & exciting ingredients! You will read fantastic success stories from people who have suffered with:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Bladder Issues/UTI’s
  • Coeliac disease or wheat/gluten intolerances
  • Back pain
  • Persistent infections
  • Greater weight gain after weight loss
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy and
  • Various other problems that people struggle on with on a daily basis.

The combination of recipes and stories will help you work out what is best for your body, whether it be trying the:

  • Yummy green smoothies (please just try one and see how tasty they are!)
  • Delicious juices and smoothies
  • Scrumptious salads and other brilliant snacks or
  • Some seriously guilt-free yummy puds and sweet treats to match anything you’ve ever eaten!