Pink Hearts

Pink Hearts


Our Hearts of Love collection was put together because everyone needs a bit of love in their life! 

Each will fill your water, smoothie or juice with amazing positivity to make you feel great, inside & out.

Pink is the colour of love! Let this bottle remind you everyday of those people in your life you are lucky enough to have met and love and that love you back! And most importantly, remind yourself to not only look after yourself, but to love yourself. Because you are amazing!

The 'love' written in each heart ensures great vibes will penetrate your water, smoothie or juice boosting your awesomeness from the inside to shine out!

Let your hearts remind you to love and be loved… Great things might just start happening!

-Our Love Pink bottle holds 550ml of water, juice or smoothie to nourish you night and day

-Made from the best quality borosilicate glass

-BPA free and recyclable 

-The mouthpiece is the perfect size to pour fresh juices, smoothies and water into and feels wonderful to drink from

-There are 4 different coloured lids, all complete with silicon ring, making them leak proof

-Each lid has a cute little lanyard to keep them even safer

-Our bottles are happy to hold warm fluids in the winter, just not boiling

-Every bottle has our signature logo on, infusing your bottle with love and beauty