Let's Help - Gardens for Health International

Hello Beautiful People!
I hope you are well! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us to get here and of course to everyone who has bought a bottle!
With every single bottle sold £1 will go to an amazing charity, www.gardensforhealth.org a wonderful organisation that educates and helps families in Rwanda grow their own food.
We've been in contact with the wonderful Eve Deveau, the US Managing Director at Gardens for Health, who says,
"What is really special about the seeds and seedlings we provide is the way that they are selected. Our team of Rwandan and American farmers work together to select the seeds that will grow best in local soil, provide the most nourishment to families, and be most accessible to families moving forward. Then they offer families a "menu" of seeds which includes all of those varieties. After learning about what a balanced diet is, and which crops are healthiest, families select their favorite crops from the menu. Our team helps them to choose seeds from multiple categories to maximize the diversity of foods they will grow in their gardens. The power of the seeds and seedlings we provide is amplified by the training that we offer to the mothers in our program. In my opinion, these are some of the things that make our seed package special"
It is just over  £12  for the seeds and seedlings to fill one home garden that will feed a family. So we are delighted that for every 12 bottles bought a family will not only be given seeds to grow organic food, but that Gardens for Health will teach and support the along the way!
We are so excited to help and to provide the world with beautiful, re-usable glass bottles that will positively infuse your lives!
Love and Gratitude,
Aimie and the MBB Team xx