Why Glass and Not Plastic? Part 1

Hello Hello Hello!!!

So the question's I get asked most are, "Do you have a plastic option" and "Don't the glass bottles just break?"

So here are the answers, the reason we only have glass bottles is because we've looked at the research and spoken to the experts who advise not to even drink out of BPA free bottles as they are still not safe and the chemicals leaching into our water are still toxic... We love you all too much to even toy with the idea of giving you a bottle made of plastic, and we don't want to risk your health or happiness! If you are interested simply google BPAs in Mice and see what comes up!

Then when we look at todays society, most people are super stressed and we all know that mindfulness and meditation are the big things to practice right? Well, simply looking after your beautiful bottle will help you to practice mindfulness every day! To take care of something, to place it down, not throw it, to be aware of your surroundings and to be present! In the 3 years since starting My Beautiful Bottle I've only broken 2 bottles, that's less than 1 per year, and even if you do break them they can go in the recycling or use the pieces in the bottom of you pot plants as drainage and it's so much better than using plastic day in and day out!