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Why Glass and Not Plastic? Part 1

Hello Hello Hello!!! So the question's I get asked most are, "Do you have a plastic option" and "Don't the glass bottles just break?" So here are the answers, the reason we only have glass bottles is because we've looked at the research and spoken to the experts who advise not to even drink out of BPA free bottles as they are still not safe and the chemicals leaching into our water are still toxic... We love you all too much to even toy with the idea of giving you a bottle made of plastic, and we don't want to risk your health or happiness! If you are interested simply google BPAs in Mice and see what comes up! Then when...

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Beautiful Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!! Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas!! We think our bottles are the perfect Christmas gifts! With just 11 days until the big day we want to give you a few reasons to pick our 2 for £24 as a beautiful gift for you and a loved one! Our Beautiful Glass Bottles are not just for Christmas, they are for life we all need to drink water right? Hydration is the second most important element in our lives behind breathing, so make it easier for your selves and your family to drink more water! Some people keep their bottles on their desks, some in their handbags, others in their cars and because the look so good and feel so great...

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An Easy Beautiful Bottle Recipe: Watermelon Cooler

  Hello lovely! Here is a super quick recipe to go perfectly into your Beautiful Bottle... and the best part is that you only need one simply delicious ingredient... watermelon! Watermelon is beautifully nourishing, the colour red balances your base chakra & will help you to feel more safe and grounded and the high water content will lovingly hydrate your whole body, aiding brain function will nourishing your skin! Steps: 1. Chop you watermelon into two halves (watching those fingers!). 2. Scoop out some the watermelon 'flesh' and placed in straight into your blender - add some ice at this point for a crisper, more refreshing drink in the summer. 3. Then blend until the contents are super smooth. Once blended, pour into your...

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