An Easy Beautiful Bottle Recipe: Watermelon Cooler


Hello lovely!

Here is a super quick recipe to go perfectly into your Beautiful Bottle... and the best part is that you only need one simply delicious ingredient... watermelon!

Watermelon is beautifully nourishing, the colour red balances your base chakra & will help you to feel more safe and grounded and the high water content will lovingly hydrate your whole body, aiding brain function will nourishing your skin!


1. Chop you watermelon into two halves (watching those fingers!).

2. Scoop out some the watermelon 'flesh' and placed in straight into your blender - add some ice at this point for a crisper, more refreshing drink in the summer.

3. Then blend until the contents are super smooth.

Once blended, pour into your Beautiful Bottle and enjoy!

It is such a refreshing and hydrating boost! 



And don't forget to quickly swill your bottle out after drinking and pour that water over some lovely plants in the garden or at work - this will not only keep your bottle beautifully clean), you'll notice the plants getting a serious boost of nourishment too!