The Importance of Hydration

Did you know that our bodies are made up of around 90% water?

Research has revealed that if we are 2% dehydrated, we are 20% less effective which illustrates just how important it is to keep the body (and mind) fully hydrated.

One of the first things any good nutritionalist will advise is to stop drinking out of plastic bottles and to use glass because the soft plastics are full of toxic chemicals. When the plastic gets warm, the chemicals leach out into the water you then drink.

Despite the fact that you might get your bottle of water from the fridge we have no idea how long that water has been sat in the warm conditions in storage and/or transit.

So avoid bottled water and replace it with a beautiful, reusable glass one!

My top 3 tips for staying hydrated are:

1. Always drink at least half a litre of water before your breakfast. This way it can be easily absorbed and flushes through your empty digestive system.

2. Get more raw food into your system by enjoying some gorgeous fresh juices and smoothies which can be taken out and about in your beautiful new bottle.

3. Always sip fresh water in between meals. Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are actually feeling dehydrated.

Try adding some fresh lemon and lime slices into your water to add nutrients, alkaline properties to the body and the freshest taste. Delicious!

Aimie x