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Beautiful Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!! Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas!! We think our bottles are the perfect Christmas gifts! With just 11 days until the big day we want to give you a few reasons to pick our 2 for £24 as a beautiful gift for you and a loved one! Our Beautiful Glass Bottles are not just for Christmas, they are for life we all need to drink water right? Hydration is the second most important element in our lives behind breathing, so make it easier for your selves and your family to drink more water! Some people keep their bottles on their desks, some in their handbags, others in their cars and because the look so good and feel so great...

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My Beautiful Ambassadors!!! PT Gen

Hey Beauties!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the build up to Christmas!!! We are super excited to announce Our Beautiful Bottle Ambassadors... Today meet Gen Preece, she is totally beautiful in so many ways.  Gen has overcome many hurdles in her life, including changing her health and life style to lose a lot of weight in a healthy way. Gen and I have a bond over all things wellness related, especially raw, vegan cuisine and we both had loads of health issues, all cured with nutrition and kinesiology! Gen is amazing, she has the biggest heart and wants to help as many people as she possible can, she is the perfect person to work with us on our mission to reduce...

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The Importance of Hydration

Did you know that our bodies are made up of around 90% water? Research has revealed that if we are 2% dehydrated, we are 20% less effective which illustrates just how important it is to keep the body (and mind) fully hydrated. One of the first things any good nutritionalist will advise is to stop drinking out of plastic bottles and to use glass because the soft plastics are full of toxic chemicals. When the plastic gets warm, the chemicals leach out into the water you then drink. Despite the fact that you might get your bottle of water from the fridge we have no idea how long that water has been sat in the warm conditions in storage and/or...

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