Beautiful Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas!!

We think our bottles are the perfect Christmas gifts! With just 11 days until the big day we want to give you a few reasons to pick our 2 for £24 as a beautiful gift for you and a loved one!

Our Beautiful Glass Bottles are not just for Christmas, they are for life we all need to drink water right? Hydration is the second most important element in our lives behind breathing, so make it easier for your selves and your family to drink more water! Some people keep their bottles on their desks, some in their handbags, others in their cars and because the look so good and feel so great to drink from everyone falls in love with their bottles and sticks with their new found love of hydration!

Save Money! If you buy 1 litre of water every day in the uk, you will spend £419.75 a year! A beautiful glass bottle that you can fill yourself is just £16 or 2 for £24 (that's only £12 each!) Awesome hey! We love using bamboo Charcoal to filter our water, it's eco friendly and super cheap! You can get a pack of 8 from pop them in tap water in a big jar and top up your water bottle anytime!

Feed Rwanda an Organic Garden... Every single bottle sold gives £1 to Gardens For Health International, every £12 gives an entire Organic Garden to a family, not only do they get Organic Seeds to grow their gardens, but they are part of the entire process, they pick the foods they like most, their soil is checked to make sure they have the best growing environment, they are taught how to make meals from the food they grow and they are empowered!

We dream of a healthier, happier planet and are doing our bit to help by being the change we wish to see... We are so delighted every time an order is placed, because it means other people share our vision!

We wish everyone an incredible love felt Christmas!

Tons of Love, 

Aimie and the Team!

💙 ❤️ 💜 💚 💛 💖