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Beautiful Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!! Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas!! We think our bottles are the perfect Christmas gifts! With just 11 days until the big day we want to give you a few reasons to pick our 2 for £24 as a beautiful gift for you and a loved one! Our Beautiful Glass Bottles are not just for Christmas, they are for life we all need to drink water right? Hydration is the second most important element in our lives behind breathing, so make it easier for your selves and your family to drink more water! Some people keep their bottles on their desks, some in their handbags, others in their cars and because the look so good and feel so great...

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One Good Deed

Who wants to win a beautiful bottle? We believe in good karma, so we will be looking for gooddeeds and rewarding them with the gift of My Beautiful Bottle, to help keep the world a cleaner place and to stop waste created by using plastic bottles. So do a good deed, hashtag ‪#‎onegooddeed‬ ‪#‎mybeautifulbottle‬ or add us into your post and the winner at the end of the month will get a bottle! Woooo Hooo! We are enjoying picking up litter this month! What will you do? We can't wait to see all the goodness! Love and Gratitude, Aimie xx

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Love & Gratitude

Hello & welcome! We are so delighted to welcome you to our site. This is the home of My Beautiful Bottle - the reusable glass bottle that is here to inspire you to nourish yourself with lots of fresh water, fresh juices and homemade, awesome smoothies! And you can be delighted to know that a proportion of all profits will be given to charity at the end of each year!  I was inspired Dr. Masaru Emoto to produce these bottles in the hope that it will bring more love and gratitude into your life.   In his years of research looking at the effects of words on water, Dr. Emoto found that words such as "love" and "gratitude" produced the most beautiful water...

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